I’m a writer, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend – order changes depending upon the pull of the moon.

I once ran art departments and important client meetings. I wowed CEOs, government officials and personal assistants. I now wipe the noses and butts of two of the sweetest boys on the planet – Oldest (9) and Youngest (5). Impressing them is slightly more challenging.

It’s so very nice to meet you. Please pack your baggage, and come along for the ride.

Don’t forget to stick an open mind in your carry-on though. Some days you’ll need it.

A few posts that might shed some light:

* Luckily, it’s one of my favorite John Lennon tunes.


Duck, Duck, Goose – whoops.

Honest carp. I mean scrap.

Lipstick, snakes and hotel funk, oh my!

Oprah, eat your heart out baby.

Random confessions.

Contact me: ashatshades (at) gmail (dot) com

Twitter: AshAtShades

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gigi May 3, 2010 at 8:07 pm

Thanks for following me at my blog! Just checked your “about me” out and it sounded a lot like mine so had to follow you back! We’ve got kids about the same age too…look forward to reading more!


Lanita November 18, 2010 at 12:51 pm

Hey Ash,
You’ve said before that you’re not real active at She Writes so I thought I would send you a personal invite to check out my feature on She Writes today:


I kn ow you’re busy with NaNoWriMo, but hope you can spare a couple minutes to check it out.



Velvia July 29, 2012 at 9:54 am

Hello, Ashlei.

I used to work for you, over a decade ago, at Primedia. I ran into your blog by chance. Your writing is excellent; I spent a bit of time last night reading quite a few of your previous ones. I laughed aloud at “I don’t give good phone.”

I’m a teacher now, English Language Arts and Theatre Arts, and a writer, too. I published my first YA novel last year.

I really enjoyed reading about your delightful boys. They sound precious! I was glad to find your blog and read that you are doing so well.

Take care,

Velvia Wylie Keithley


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